Software instructions

A Beginner’s Guide on how to create bead-by-number patterns

1. Select photo

Start by selecting a photo for your project.

Use high-quality photos. Select a colorful picture that is not overexposed with a lot of flash from the camera.

Step 1

2. Select size

Choose the size of your project.

Select the size of your project from the list of preset sizes or change the text fields “Width” and “Height” to the desired size, calculated in number of beads or centimeters/inch.

Centimeters/inch are rounded to the nearest integer.

1 pegboard = 30 x 30 beads.

How to convert centimeters to number of beads: cm * 2 = number of beads.

Example: 15 cm * 2 = 30 beads

Step 2

3. Select area

Crop to cut out any unwanted parts of the photo.

Recommended doing for facial portraits if the project is less than six pegboards.

You can also move the box around by clicking anywhere inside of it and then dragging your cursor to move it around.

Step 3

4. Pearlify

Click the Pearlify button to convert your selected photo into the pattern.

To improve the pattern, you can add or remove bead colors and change the brightness and contrast.


  • To find out the color number of a bead, move the mouse pointer over the beads in the pattern to see the color number. This feature is great if you wish to remove a color from the motif and want to see which color number should be removed from the beading.
  • To find out the number of beads of each color in the pattern, click on the “color map” button
Step 4

5. Edit

In edit mode, you can use the brush tool to draw freely or to retouch the pattern. With the eraser, you can remove beads completely from the pattern.

Step 5

6. Print / Save

When you´re finished editing, click the “Save bead pattern” button to save your changes.

Click on the button “Print bead pattern” to print your pattern, you can choose between black and white or color printing.

Click the “Print Shopping List” button to print the shopping list for your pattern.

Assembly instructions – How to assemble your PhotoPearls bead project with double-sided adhesive sheets

Step 6