PhotoPearls Software

Available for macOS® and Windows®

  • Pearlify

    Transform any photos into Bead By Number patterns.
  • Customize your project size

    Go from one pegboard to larger projects.
  • Edit

    Improve the result by removing unwanted colors or beads, change brightness and contrast.
  • Paint

    Easily draw your own design.

Download 6-days free trial

An activation code is required to unlock all functions.
The activation code is included in the PhotoPearls Starter Kit and can be purchased through our retailers.

PhotoPearls software works with MacOS och Windows. 
PhotoPearls software requers printer for print out pattern.
PhotoPearls software is available in: Dansk (DK), Deutsch (DE), English (EN), Français (FR), Español (ES), Svenska (SV)