Convert any photos into bead patterns

It’s super easy – all you have to do is select a photo from your photo archive to “pearlify” it into a printable bead-by-number pattern.

The software allows you to create bead patterns to your desired size and improve the results by adjusting colors, brightness, and contrast.

The bead patterns are adapted for PhotoPearls 30 standard bead colors, 12 POP-art colors, and interlocking pegboards.

PhotoPearls software can be used on Windows® and macOS®.

 Download Buy license key – €9.50

Free and fully functional 6-day trial version. No credit card required.

To update your PhotoPearls installation, just download and install PhotoPearls again.
PhotoPearls is a free update if your license is still valid for updates.

New features available with PhotoPearls 3.0

Updated user interface

The easy-to-use software has an updated user interface with a new home screen design, icons, and more.

Preset size

Preset sizes

Choose from eight preset pattern sizes.

Custom size

Custom project size

Specify your desired project size in centimeters/inch or in number of beads. Good if you need to scale the project to fit a photo frame. Centimeters / Inch will be rounded to the nearest integer.

Zoom tool

Zoom tool

In Edit mode, you can now zoom in / out for easier editing of the project.

Brush tool

Brush tools

Choose between three brush sizes in editing mode.

Eraser tool

Eraser tool

Remove beads completely from the bead pattern. It can be used to expose persons or objects in the pattern.

Color picker tool

Color Picker Tool

Displays the color and refill number of the bead. It can be used to reduce number of colors in the bead pattern.

Color map

Color map

Displays the amount of beads for each bead color during the pearlify process.

Select area

Select area

Improved options for selecting an area in the photo.

Save as PDF

Save pattern as PDF

Save your pattern as PDF, NABX, or PNG (preview image) file.

Pattern printout

Improved pattern printout

Easily keep track of where you are in the pattern with row and column markings on the outer edge of the pattern.


Now available in 3 more languages!

Norwegian (Norsk), Dutch (Nederlands), Italian (Italiano), English, Swedish (Svenska), Spanish (Español), French (Français), Danish (Dansk), German (Deutsche).