The Starter Kit includes all the components you need to start making beaded art

  • Plastic beads (Ø 5 mm) in 30 sorted colors.
  • Click-together and reusable square pegboards.
  • Double-sided adhesive sheets.
  • Activation code for unlocking PhotoPearls software and web app.

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The front of the PhotoPearls start kit package with the bead tray.
Tray with 30 bead colors

The pattern maker works with 30 different PhotoPearls bead colors, which can all be found in our PhotoPearls Start Kit and as refills.

The Bead-by-number patterns are based on PhotoPearls click-together and reusable square pegboards so that you can go from one pegboard to larger projects.

Pegboard, 15x15cm, 900 beads
Example of a beaded picture mounted with double-sided adhesive sheets

No ironing is required, assemble your finished project easily with PhotoPearls double-sided adhesive sheet.

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Transform any photo into amazing artwork. Use the easy-to-use software or web app to create and print your bead pattern.

Watch video
Screenshot of the PhotoPearls software

Creative and fun for the entire family!

For ages 7 and up.