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PhotoPearls takes arts and crafts to the next level. The product makes it possible for you to transform your digital photos into beaded art to hang in your home, or to give away as a unique gift.

The concept includes a program that turns your chosen photo into a pattern, which tells you what bead to put where in order to recreate the photo. The program works with 75 different bead colors, which can be found in our PhotoPearls Start Kits and as refills, and click-together square pegboards, which can be used separately or together to create projects of all different sizes.

Once you’ve completed your bead project according to the pattern, you complete your creation by using our double-sided adhesive sheets – beads on one side, and a back piece for the artwork on the other. All set!

Example of a beaded picture in a frame
Example of a beaded lion photo in a frame
Using PhotoPearls webb application to make beaded pixel art
Self-portrait made with PhotoPearls
Example of a beaded picture made with PhotoPearls
Pearlify (in Swedish: Pärlifiera) = Convert image to bead pattern using a computer program. In 2005, the word “Pärlifiera” enrolled as a new Swedish word of the Language Council of Sweden.