Bead Craft Projects for Kids and Adults

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Examples of different bead patterns that are adapted for kids


The pattern tells which bead to put where to recreate the design.

You can print your chosen pattern or view it directly on a computer or tablet.

All patterns are adapted for PhotoPearls 30 bead colors and click-together square pegboards.

How to bead

Home decor or a unique gift

The finished bead design can be used to decorate the children’s room or to give away as a unique gift to family and friends.

Examples of finished bead designs

Find your next project in our free pattern archive

Bead crafting is creative and fun for the entire family


Pattern catalog as PDF file

The pattern is adapted for PhotoPearls 30 bead colors and click-together square pegboards (30×30 beads, 15×15 cm).

PhotoPearls pattern viewer is compatible with commonly used browsers like Google Chrome™, Internet Explorer®, Safari®, Firefox®, Microsoft Edge®.

Computer or tablet with a larger screen is recommended for display patterns.

Note! The bead pattern may not be used for commercial purposes without permission from Munkplast AB

About PhotoPearls

PhotoPearls takes arts and crafts to the next level. The product makes it possible for you to transform your digital photos into beaded art to hang in your home, or to give away as a unique gift.

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PhotoPearls starter kit

The Starter Kit includes all the components you need to start making beaded art.

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Assembly instructions

How to assemble your PhotoPearls bead project with double-sided adhesive sheets.

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