Assembly instructions

How to assemble your PhotoPearls bead project with double-sided adhesive sheets.


Place the pegboard over the printed PhotoPearls pattern.

Important! The Pegboard “knobs” must point to the right and down.


Place the beads on the pegboard according to the bead-by-number pattern.

The numbers on the pattern correspond to PhotoPearls refill colors.


Apply the double-sided adhesive sheets to the finished pegboard, but save the top protective paper.

Mark the pegboard with row and column (1:1).


Begin building the beaded picture by connecting all finished pegboards.

Start with pegboard row 1, column 1.


Gently remove the top protective paper from the adhesive sheet.


Add the cardboard over the sticky surface. (The cardboard is included in PhotoPearls starter kit)

Press your hand in a circular motion over the cardboard to ensure that the beads get contact with the glue.


Remove the pegboards carefully one by one.

You’re finished!

Software instructions

A Beginner’s Guide on how to create bead-by-number patterns

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PhotoPearls starter kits

The Starter Kit includes all the components you need to start making beaded art.

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Large bead picture made with PhotoPearls

Examples of large bead pictures created with PhotoPearls software and mounted with double-sided adhesive sheets.

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