Assembly instructions

How to assemble your PhotoPearls bead project with double-sided adhesive sheets.

 Download as PDF  View video instruction


Step 1

Place the pegboard over the printed PhotoPearls pattern.

Important! The Pegboard “knobs” must point to the right and down.


Step 2

Place the beads on the pegboard according to the pattern.

The numbers on the pattern correspond to PhotoPearls 30 refill colors.


Step 3

Apply the double-sided adhesive sheets to the finished pegboard, but save the top protective paper.

Mark the pegboard with row and column. 


Step 4

Begin building the beaded picture by connecting all finished pegboards.

Start with pegboard row 1, column 1.


Step 5

Gently remove the top protective paper from the adhesive sheet.


Step 6

Add the cardboard (included in PhotoPearls starter kit) over the sticky surface.

Press your hand in a circular motion over the carton to ensure that the beads get contact with the glue.


Step 7

Remove the pegboards carefully one by one.

You’re finished!