Large bead picture projects

Get inspired by the possibility with PhotoPearls software for MacOS and Windows.

Over the years, we have challenged the possibility of creating larger motives with PhotoPearls Software for MacOS and Windows. Here are a few examples of the exciting projects we have created around the world.

Zlatan Ibrahimović


Made with intuitive by Björn Malmström and students at Örtagårds elementary school (Rosengård, Malmö, Sweden) .

  • 144,000 beads
  • 1.80 x 1.90 meters

Lovely Days


Made by students at Fryshusets Gymnasium (Stockholm, Sweden).

  • 316,800 beads
  • 2.40 x 3.30 meters

The Big Picture Project


President Barack Obama in 372.600 beads

About a thousand fourth-graders from nearly all U.S. states participated in the creation of the President Obama picture made with beads. 

The bead picture was assembled in Westerly, Rhode Island. After Westerly it was displayed at CHA Summer Super Show in Orlando (with the Orange County Mayor Richard T. Crotty present). 

The day before the president’s birthday The big picture was displayed to the public outside the White House. 

The tour ended with a media event in New York.

  • 372,600 beads
  • 9 x 11 ½ foot

Guinness World Records in Ireland


Made with intuitive by Brian Flood and 62 students at Baltinglass school. The bead picture is registered as a world record by Guinness World Records.

  • 430.000 beads
  • 280 x 385 cm

Bead My Ride


Car tuning with BEADS!

PR event for the launch of the Forza Motorsport game for XBox at Fryshuset in Stockholm together with Microsoft and Audi.

The Last Supper


Made by Önsta Gryta church congregation in Västerås, Sweden.

  • about 450,000 pearls
  • 7.50 x 1.50 meters

Guinness World Records


The world’s largest bead picture (2015) created by students at Väringaskolan in Sigtuna (Sweden). 

The bead picture is registered as a world record by Guinness World Records. The world record can be seen in the departure hall of Terminal 5 at Arlanda (Stockholm, Sweden).

  • 1,680,200 beads
  • 4.65 m x 8.70 m (40 square meters).

The world’s largest bead image made by one individual in one year


The beaded project is made by Michael Faurby Hansen and bead picture can be seen at Sportscentre Herning in Denmark.

Follow Michael’s fantastic work at or

  • 1,683,000 beads
  • 2.55 m high and 16.5 m wide