7500 piece set

PhotoPearls Picture Assembly Kit

PhotoPearls software

Transform your photos into unique works of art with Photo Pearls! PhotoPearls software allows you to use any image and “pearlify it”. Create stunning results with the easy-to-use app by adjusting colors, brightness and contrast.

License key included in the package.

PhotoPearls software
Tray 15.000 PhotoPearls Beads

30 bead colors

The starter kit contains 7,500 pcs, color number 1-30.


The patterns are based on PhotoPearls click-together and reusable square pegboards so that you can go from one pegboard to larger projects.

The package contains four interlocking pegboards.

PhotoPearls interlocking pegboards
PhotoPearls dubbelhäftande limark

Double-sided adhesive sheet

There is no heat or ironing required to hold the PhotoPearls together. Simply peel one side of the double adhesive sheet, and lay the sticky side onto the pearls to keep them in place.

The package contains four double-sided adhesive sheets and one cardboard Mounting plate.

Assembly instructions


The 7500 piece set can be supplemented with PhotoPearls refill products.

  • Beads, color 1-42 – the package contains 1,100 or 6,000 beads.
  • Pegboards – the package contains 2 pcs.
  • Adhesive Sheets – the package contains 8 sheets.
PhotoPearls refill bags