7500 Piece Set

Contains everything you need to get started with bead art.

  • Plastic beads (Ø 5 mm) in 30 sorted colors
  • Click-together and reusable square pegboards
  • Double-sided adhesive sheets.
  • Activation code for unlocking PhotoPearls software and web app
  • Complete Instructions

PhotoPearls Starter Kit can be purchased through Goliath Games LLC

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PhotoPearls starter kit package
  • PhotoPearls app allows you to use any image and “pearlify it”
    Create stunning results with the easy-to-use app by adjusting colors, brightness and contrast.
  • No iron needed!
    Adhesive sheets are used to hold beads in place.
  • Take your project to the next level!
    The patterns are based on PhotoPearls click-together and reusable square pegboards so that you can go from one pegboard to larger projects.
  • Recommended for ages 7 and up.
    PhotoPearls are perfect for puzzle lovers or fans of adult coloring books.