Pattern maker

Transform any photo into amazing beaded artwork

PhotoPearls makes it possible for you to transform your digital photos into beaded art to hang in your home, or to give away as a unique gift. PhotoPearls pattern maker turns your chosen photo into a pattern, which tells you what bead to put where in order to recreate the photo.

The pattern maker works with 30 different PhotoPearls bead colors, which can all be found in our PhotoPearls Start Kit and as refills, and click-together square pegboards, which can be used separately or together to create projects of all different sizes.
Example of bead pattern, before and after.BeforeAfter


  • Pearlify

    Transform any photos into Bead By Number patterns.
  • Customize your project size

    Go from one pegboard to larger projects.
  • Edit

    Improve the result by removing unwanted colors or beads, change brightness and contrast.
  • Pixel art tool

    Draw your own pixel art! Create game sprites or design your own pattern.

Web app

  • Pearlify

    Transform any photos into Bead By Number patterns directly in your device’s browser. No need to install an app or a software. With PhotoPearls web app, you can save your bead designs online!
  • Save

    With PhotoPearls web app, you can save up to 15 designs online!
  • View

    With PhotoPearls’ new pattern viewer, printing patterns is no longer necessary. View your saved Bead-By-Number pattern directly on your computer or tablet.
  • Share

    Start working together by sharing projects with friends, students or your social media followers.

An activation code is required to unlock all functions.
The activation code is included in the PhotoPearls Starter Kit and can be purchased through our retailers.

PhotoPearls software works with MacOS och Windows.
PhotoPearls software requers printer for print out pattern.
PhotoPearls software is available in: Dansk (DK), Deutsch (DE), English (EN), Français (FR), Español (ES), Svenska (SV)

PhotoPearls web app is a simplified version and does not have all the features included in PhotoPearls software.
PhotoPearls web app is compatible with commonly used browsers like Google Chrome™, Internet Explorer®, Safari®, Firefox®, Microsoft Edge®.
Computer or tablet with larger screen is recommended.
PhotoPearls software is available in: Deutsch (DE), English (EN), Svenska (SV), Français (FR), Español (ES), Nederlands (NL)