NEW! NABBI® BioBeads x Moomin

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Meet the Moomins!

The five NABBI BioBeads x MOOMIN Bead Craft Kits contain the beads, pegboard, pattern, and ironing paper needed to craft a member of the Moomin family.

Biodegradable Beads and Pegboards

The Moomins teach us to value and take care of nature. We aim to do the same. NABBI BioBeads’ beads and pegboards are made of the biodegradable material Biodolomer®.

  • Do not create microplastics
  • Made in Sweden

Recyclable Packaging

The NABBI BioBeads x Moomin Kits are packed in paper bags which are placed in cardboard boxes with paper sleeves. Recyclable and fossil-plastic free.

  • Recyclable
  • Fossil-plastic free

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