New! NABBI BioBeads for PhotoPearls

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NABBI BioBeads 35 bead colours

Biodegradable NABBI® BioBeads is the latest improvement of NABBI’s original bead. We are very proud to present a PhotoPearls palette and buildable pegboards from NABBI BioBeads to you.

The NABBI BioBeads range of beads and pegboards is made of Biodolomer®, a Swedish-produced material containing,
among other things, rapeseed oil and chalk. The products are biodegradable and will not create micro plastics. The packaging
is made of paper, cellophane, or Biodolomer film. 

The original PhotoPearls palette contains 30 bead colours, numbered 1-30. These 30 colours are now available in NABBI BioBeads! The NABBI BioBeads palette for PhotoPearls is numbered 51-80 instead of 1-30, to keep it separate from the standard beads, but the colours correspond.

A user can purchase access to and download the software on, create a pattern using the BioBeads option in the software, and then buy the colours and pegboards they need for their palette. A sustainable option for creating beaded art!

Like PhotoPearls, NABBI BioBeads is manufactured and packed by Munkplast AB in Uppsala, Sweden.

Join us in crafting for a healthier environment!

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