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Discover our new online bead pattern maker

  • Easy and fun! Our new pattern maker makes it possible to create Bead-By-Number patterns directly in your device’s browser. No need to install an app or a software.
  • PhotoPearls patterns are based on 30 refillable colors and click-together pegboards, which makes it possible to go from single-pegboard projects to larger creations.
  • With PhotoPearls’ new pattern viewer, printing patterns is no longer necessary. View your saved Bead-By-Number pattern directly on your computer or tablet.
  • Start working together by sharing projects with friends, students or your social media followers.

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PhotoPearls web app is available in English, Swedish, Spanish, French, Dutch, German.

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An activation code is required to unlock all functions. The activation code is included in the PhotoPearls Starter Kit and can be purchased through our retailers.